I’ve always been a fan of the Project Life sytem, but have realized that I don’t want to follow the system myself. My Virgo side wants things to be complete, nice and neat. So I would have to go full force if I chose to participate. Even if we can add to it weekly or sporadicly, the idea of incompleteness sort of bothers me. I figure it’s better just to scrap whenever I want instead of committing myself to a system.


However, as Julie Fei-Fan Balzer┬ámentioned in the latest Paperclipping Roundtable episode, scrapbook pages have to be this finished “thing” whereas Project Life is so much more everyday, low-key and easy. I decided to go a bit half-way and post a weekly snapshot of the week on my blog here. That’s sort of project life-esque, but easy for me to keep up with given that it’s all digital.


I’m curious to see how this works out for me and if I might turn it into a book or different project in the end. Or if I abandon it completely ­čśŤ Who knows! I’m sort of a week late, so posting for two Fridays. Just a peek into this American girl’s expat life in Italy.

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