Yet again, I realize that weekends are usually not a good time for me to scrapbook. If it wasn’t for LOAD, I don’t think I would normally scrapbook on Saturday or Sunday. Just too much family stuff going on – in a good way! It’s making memories time, not saving memories time, right? So after dinner I quickly put together some photos that I have been meaning to include in my album.

There’s not a whole lot to say, because it’s just literally the title, snow day. However, I decided to include a second page with a little photo and message I posted on Facebook. My husband and I have this running thing going on, about how it never snows here. That is what he claimed before we moved here. Of course, it has ended up snowing here in Italy, all 3 winters I have been here so far. He says I brought the snow, but I doubt a SoCal girl can even do that. So it was interesting to capture a bit of social networking into my album.

I think much of our communications are now recorded online or digitally on our phones. So many digital interactions today. Do you record that part of your life into your paper albums and scrapbooks somehow?

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