I turned to my to-be-scrapped photo pile to create a layout today (as part of LOAD), instead of following the prompt. I’m currently in love with the color of those American Craft thickers, so can’t help but go for the turquoise yellow color scheme.

From participating in layout a day this month and scrapping in a marathon fashion, I’ve definitely learned more about what I truly prefer. Although we don’t necessarily need to put deadlines on a hobby like scrapbooking, sometimes you just want to get things done! Even when something is fun, I still think it’s important to finish. Completion, closure, progress… moving forward, you know?

When I look back into my albums, I definitely love the cleaner layouts… or the controlled chaos ones. Maybe it’s the OCD tendencies in me and the Virgo, wanting order kind of thing. Even though it was fun to experiment at times and do something different, I wonder if we necessarily have to keep those experiments. Should we redo them, or is it not worth the time, when we are always wanting more time? I suppose the thought goes for many things in life – wanting to redo or reframe something that is out of date. Or even tossing things out. I’m listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast 103 and it happens to be the topic, so it’s definitely on mind.

For this particular page, I had so much trouble starting and wondering what papers to use and what embellishments… but finally it just came together, very simple, but I like it that way.

Journaling reads:

I love to see Ale taking care of his mom, like a good son should. Snapping this photo made me think of how sweet he can be… even though Ale has never been one to jump up to help first thing and often doesn’t want to seem too goody two shoes. But the reality is that he’s a mama’s boy in so many ways and cares so deeply for her. He’s good to his mom and takes care of her in his own way, always wanting the best. it’s not always apparent from an outsiders eyes, but everyone expresses their understanding and love in a different way. I like to see it in the details and seemingly mundane events of every day life, you often just have to look closer to truly understand. I think the little things are sweeter than grand gestures…

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