Hello everyone!  I wanted to share some progress in my journal making and bookbinding adventures…namely, some mistakes and major boo boos!  I was able to finish two journals, but learning a lot along the way.


First, I made this shabby chic journal, pattern paper from scrapbooking to make the covers with some heavier weight cream colored paper inside.  I stitched this page by page, so every page could lay out flat completely.  However, using embroidery thread and a loose hand, it became really loose as you can see in the photo and I don’t think the decorative element shows with such soft thread.  Inside I also printed a titled but made a mistake with the term “create fearlessly” as I meant it to go on the last page, oops!  Well, the rest of the pages are blank, so maybe it’ll provide funky inspiration regardless!



The second journal also has similar pattern paper covers and on second thought I will try to find some thicker type of board for covers.  This one has cream paper as well, but regular copy paper weight with 8 signatures, so lots of pages for sketching and such.  I also used natural fiber linen string, which I think looks much better…more structure and stitching design showing in the binding.  However, I also had tension issues with this as well, some places looser, some places tighter!





So now I am going to try and make a sort of remains of the day type of journal from some cardboard covers and random papers I have lying around.  Better bound than spread all over my room definitely.  Not sure what to do with these journals though…I already have too many started and doodled in…eek!

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