I’ve spent this past week with me, myself, and I. Lots of time throwing paint around, writing in my journal, wondering, dreaming, reading…

I often get completely derailed, practically drooling at the beauty of others and the cool happenings around me. It’s like this noise that gets louder and louder, messier and messier in my head… that puts me into a spin.

It’s great to have creative stimulation, but I think we also need to draw back into ourselves in the end. You can’t be out there experiencing 24/7. Processing time is necessary. I used to say that I’m a homebody, but really I’m an introvert.

I enjoy time with others, but I also need alone time to balance myself out. Sometimes, I might need a whole lot of me time. There are moments, when I just have no interest or energy to be in the company of others. Yes, I’m going to say it. Leave me (the hell) alone.

I strongly believe that it is a valid need and there should be no guilt about it! We should not be ashamed to have those feelings. We should spend time to address them. We all have different wants and needs… so spend some time figuring out what makes you whole. I actually just ordered some more books today, even though I shouldn’t be spending. Why? Because it’s an investment… in me.

Have you taken yourself out on a date? Or take yourself in for a nice movie? Or an imagination adventure inside a book? Or flow time in your art journal? I’ve realized how important it is to give myself ample alone time. For peace. For rest. For sanity.

You always hear people talking about the importance of spending time with family and friends. Why do we forget to spend time with ourselves?

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