Today we have access to all kinds of information with just a click of the mouse. I often think that the Internet has become the new TV for many of us… because it’s easy to tune out and keep surfing mindlessly. Somehow, we think the research and intake of information is doing us good, but often it’s just an overload and waste of time.


Although I certainly want to make use of the great information offered out there, I often file tips away for future action. When was the last time you actually put some of that information to use – immediately? Instead of adding more bookmarks, taking notes and inserting more to-dos on my list, I’ve decided to take weekly action in my creative business and lifestyle. It’s all in attempts to move forward – even if it’s baby steps. With a newborn in the house, I can only steal minutes here and there. It’s time to really make use of those stolen moments.

This week I’ve decided to do some Spring cleaning in my email inbox.

The first step was to unsubscribe to newsletters that I delete immediately or skip over anyway. It’s amazing how I’m afraid to miss out on news, but at the end of the day it’s just a huge waste of time to process more junk mail. I’m not going to be able to keep up with everything and it’s so much better to really absorb those emails that I want to be aware of, then to skim through so many and not really take it all in. Unsubscribe. I get that clean slate feeling as I delete away the excess in my inbox.

Second, I’m striving to define the times when I will check email and touch it only once – meaning, when I decide to go through my email, I need to have the time to deal and process through them. So I’ll only touch an email once, rather than reading, then flagging, then saving for later to deal with. It’s inefficient! Honestly, there are no emergencies via email that require me to monitor my email on my smart phone. I need to remind myself that all the time. The world will not end, it’s just email!

Finally, I need to avoid referring to my email inbox as a to-do list. My days are filled with family duties, so it’s really not practical to have my day be driven by reacting to emails. I need to be on top of my inbox already!

Now that I have gone through and Spring cleaned my inbox, I feel so much lighter. It feels good to have accomplished something. Just a little directed action task each week to get me moving forward in my creative entrepreneur journey.

One tiny step in this Internet world, but a giant leap for my sanity and organization. How’s your inbox today?

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