Yesterday’s prompt was about how things change and I chose a story about how they change and stay the same. Then I read today’s LOAD prompt and it was about how things stay the same…so I sort of combined two into one! But of course, there’s always something to scrap and I immediately thought of us – my husband and I.

I’m sure we could all do a million pages about the love in our families…it’s all a bit sugar coatey, candy, lovey dovey type of thing! But I think it’s important to express these feelings, even if they might be understood, you know?

A super simple layout as I have a bit of fever and not feeling so up. I pretty much created it all digitally, the background paper, title, journaling, and little banner. But printed it all out to put together with the photo in layers. Of course, I had to add some sewing and my favorite hearts punched out as well…

Here’s the journaling:

Time goes by so fast and although there are always things that change in this world, I’m so thankful, blessed, and happy that our love is constant and in many ways, even stronger. Married for nearly three years now, but I still think of us as newlyweds. We love to just hang out and chill with each other like friends. Sometimes it is a romantic dinner out – I love Pepe Nero! Sometimes it’s just a cozy night at home to watch the latest sitcoms or movies. We are still silly, doing our poses and crazy dance moves. Our hearts melt with Vash in our life and we couldn’t be happier as a family. Over time we’ve learned more about our relationship and personalities. We tell each other how we feel and work things out. Everything just fits and we become more and more connected. It’s hard to explain how this thing called love works. Perhaps that is the mystery, you can’t put it into words…it just is. I’m so looking forward to each and every minute we spend together. Even if the world changes constantly, our love is everlasting – that strong bond that keeps us afloat, steady, and moving forward – together.

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