I’m finally back from vacation and even though I had all the best intentions to scrap on the road…my book got pushed to the side much of the time. I’m now very much behind… eeek… but look at how full my travel journal is already!

I tried to work on it along the way and collect the various vacation ephemera to stick in. But even though brought supplies, I didn’t really use them that much and  ultimately I realized that it was a waste of luggage space, not to mention too much pressure to scrap on a short time.

I think this experience has helped me to learn a bit more about how I really like to scrapbook. I’m glad to have journaled along the way…because I’ve already forgotten so much now. Talk about fleeting memories!

I’m starting to think that it is really important to record the memories ASAP…before I forget the details and simple joys. It’s those simple things that we seem to gloss over at a later date. At least, that’s what happens to me…I forget the details and those are the things that I find the most precious. However, trying to put it all together and scrap pages or books on the fly…doesn’t work for me. I feel too pressured and I would like to spend more time on it. I think the process is more enjoyable after the fact as well.

So I’m thinking the best method for me while traveling is to use journaling cards. I can then record the memories and keep ephemera in order. Then do the scrapping and putting together at a later date…having fun in the process and revisiting the memory. This is also because it’s impossible to finish if you need to print photos to incorporate into projects anyway. Well, until next time…I can try again and see what happens.

In realizing this, I started thinking about blog and my projects in progress and how I felt about papercrafting in general. I realized in the middle of the night, while lying in bed that it’s story keeping with technology. So yes, I’ve changed my banner. I’m not sure if it totally makes sense, but I realize that the most important aspect for me is to really capture those stories that I don’t want to forget as in traditional scrapbooking… but using technology, digital items and other fun techniques as they come along…because it’s fun! So it’s definitely a mix…I suppose you can say hybrid. I suppose it’s not that important to put labels on it all, but I feel as if I’m getting a clearer picture of what kind of scrapbooker I am…growing up! 🙂

Ah yes, perhaps too much realizations…but ultimately it will affect what I blog about. More projects, little stories, sharing my scrapbooking world…but letting the technology come back in. When I first started this blog it was all about paper and traditional stuff, because I was going through a stage of too much digitalness, working in the Internet industry and all. Now it’s like snapping back to normality I suppose… stay tuned…

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