Last week there was a national holiday here in Italy. We took advantage and made it an extra long weekend since we actually had to take the little one into town for paperwork at the American consulate – first train trip with the baby! Despite a few sessions of fussiness throughout the day, it all went by quite smoothly.



I was surprised at how precise and organized things were at with the American consulate – probably because I have learned that things in Italy are quote the opposite of efficient. It got me thinking about streamlining processes and how we can make our lives easier.

A lot of things in Italy are due to legacy… it doesn’t make any sense anymore and everyone agrees, but nothing is done about it. So the old ways continue. I know it’s easy just to keep sliding by and doing what you always do, rather than to change. But every so often, it’s a good idea to evaluate the situation and see how you can change for the good.

So this week my take action┬átask to look within my creative process and see how it can be streamlined. With a newborn in the house, I’ve been quite frazzled and zombie-like for many weeks now. It’s been difficult to keep up with my goals because time is no longer predictable or schedule-able for me. I’ve definitely been feeling a bit lost – like everything has been thrown up in the air and I don’t have enough hands to catch it all. Many things are going to fall…

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I have to stop and analyze the situation. Going about it as rationally as possible I realize there are few key points that will help me streamline my creative process. I think these steps will help you as well.


The first thing to do is to brain dump everything onto paper. Write that list of everything and anything you need to get done. I have tasks that span from home to work to recreation all mixed up in my noggin’. It needs to be written down…

Break it Down

Once everything is out of my head, I can organize and plan my attack. I separate tasks into different tracks and order by priority. When there are a determined set of tasks or steps written out, it’s just so much easier to tackle. Especially since I only have snippets of time available, I don’t have time to doddle around and see what’s next. I need to get to the task and complete it!

Tackle it Bit by Bit

So when I get a pocket of time, I tackle my tasks bit by bit. Sometimes I follow the priority order, but often I don’t when there’s no specific deadline tied to it. It’s important to tackle whatever you can accomplish at that time. Get something done on that list…

Keep at it

Finally, it’s about patience and keeping the faith. With less time on my hands, it will take me longer to get certain projects done. But I’ll get to it and reach the goal one day. Step by step.

Do you have tips for streamlining your creative process? Do you have a scientific method that you follow that optimizes your time? Would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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