So far I’ve explored simple stripe patterns and organic stripe patterns, but as I played around more in Illustrator, I started thinking about how stripes don’t necessarily have to be abstract lines and colors only. The foundation of stripes can be there, but other elements can make the pattern more interesting and unique.

 I came up with the very technical term of stripe-ish patterns 🙂 I’ve basically created a repeating pattern that somehow forms the stripe-like pattern…but with an added cute owl character and organic leaf shape. It still looks predominantly like a stripe pattern, but can have anything and everything included within it.

In fact, I’ve just realized that our couch fabric is this type of stripe pattern with floral ornaments overlayed on top of the stripes. Pretty cool, so I had to try and create something to that effect as below. Experimenting and playing around really helped to open up my perspective of stripes in general. You are not limited to only candy cane stripes and grid patterns.

I think it goes to show that a simple, classic pattern such as stripes…can be played up to become something new and fresh with a bit of variety. Although many artists develop an idea off the computer, I actually find myself playing, sketching and experimenting inside of the Illustrator. It was fun to just play and come up with brand new ideas while testing how something might look as a repeated pattern. I hope you are inspired to create some of your own stripe patterns and not just the basic ones anymore. Try to mix it up and see what comes out of it!

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