This week I’m concentrating on a particular type of take action tasks – submitting work! Although we would love for people to simply notice our artwork and present us with a fabulous deal, it’s much more realistic to take the route of presenting yourself professionally. If you don’t actively seek out opportunities, you might never accomplish anything, right?


For artists, I know it takes a huge leap of courage to submit work. It’s like presenting yourself for the ultimate judgement. Rejections are inevitable as well, so it’s a hard step to take. I know, I really do know! But I also know that I won’t get anywhere if I don’t submit. So I’ve been working on designs in the background, stalking the print & pattern design job board and submitting. There are magazines to submit to and art licensing companies to contact. There are lots of ways to get your work out there. It might not lead to anything in the end… But it might also lead to something great in the end. So it’s worth the effort, not to mention it’s getting me to do more! What about you? Have your submitted your work for consideration instead of waiting around to be discovered?

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