What?! The cold hard truth sounds pretty harsh, right? I know that your first reaction might be to disagree with me. Of course talent and merit matters, doesn’t it? Well, it might matter but it is NOT the secret to success.


I’m positive you know people who are wonderfully talented, yet still far from success in their own terms. You might be feeling that about yourself. What about all those people who are successful yet you don’t find them to be the most technically superior or talented in their field? Hey, it happens all the time… otherwise there would only be one talented person in every industry.

So if talent is not the secret success, what truly is? In my opinion, fun love, your unique self and persistence.

When I say fun love, I mean that you have to love what you do and have fun doing it all the time as well. Without that kind of passion you simply won’t last in your craft. It’s the passion and driving force behind all that you do.

Your unique self is your personal stamp, your individual self thrown into the mix. There is no one that can do it like you do. It not a new idea, but it’s oh so damn true and it’s important. Copycats are boring.

Finally, you’ve got to work hard and keep working hard to reach your ultimate dreams. Feeling defeated and down? Pick yourself up and keep at it! Most people give up early in the game and let themselves fail. You need persist to succeed. As anyone who has ever succeeded in something and they will tell you how many times they failed before getting to that point. It’s just all part of the process.

So do you have what is really takes to succeed in your creative dreams?

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I wish you the best of luck in your creative endeavors and remember to have fun and spread the love.

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