Weekends are usually more family intensive, since everyone is home, but I was able to get some scrapbooking time after lunch. Today I decided to scrap some older photos from when I was in middle school or highschool. I don’t exactly remember the date, so will have to fill that in later.

I went a bit crazy with the bling embellishment at the end and not totally happy with how to balance it all out because there wasn’t much space left after the photos and journaling.

I had to plan it out a bit because the title and journaling was printed all on one page…and not sure if I like that process or not. Added a bit of sewing in the end, just because I like it… but otherwise it’s a pretty simple design.

Here’s the full journaling:

During summer vacations, I literally grew up with my nieces and nephew, spending the entire day swimming, trampoline jumping, and basking in the sun. It was so much fun and people always thought I was the older sister in the bunch. I love how carefree things were and truly just relaxing in Southern California sunshine. Although now we are all grown up and so much has changed… it’s nice to know that we come back together during vacations without any trouble at all. It’s as if we simply unpaused our merry-making like the old days with no awkwardness. When visiting home in August or when they traveled to Italy for a visit… it was just like old times, hanging out and having fun. From board games, playing the Wii, baking, watching movies to crafting around and laughing at each other. Of course, things have changed and they’ve grown up so fast to be adults already. But family is always family… and that is a beautiful thing! I know that change is inevitable, but it’s nice when we grow together and certain things still remain the same.