It’s funny how the word for Illustration Friday this week is surrender. I am so tired and there’s so much to do…I really do feel like just surrendering and throwing everything into the corner of the room – then I can escape downstairs to eat something bad for me and sleep on the couch.

It’s one of those weeks where everything converges and you just don’t know how to do it all. Ugh. Not to mention, there’s a mega water tube breakage or something in our county and there is no running water. NO RUNNING WATER! Sorry for screaming, but again…I am reminded of how wonderful the modern conveniences of today are compared to olden days where you had to get water from the well by hand… or something to that effect. Ugh. I’m in my PJs, feeling dirty and wondering what what to do next. My creative workspace is a mess of stuff I haven’t put away, laundry to be ironed and leftover cups from the coffee I’m intaking…can’t do the dishes without water, afterall. It’s all not very inspiring…just sort of a mess…even though I tried to think positive and see if something cool will come out of the situation. Boo hoo!

This morning, I spent a bit of time with my cutie Vash and just sat there doing nothing. That made me feel better. Thank goodness for puppies and thanks to my hubby for taking the photo and being fabulous despite my madness! Enough ranting now…it’s one of those weeks, but I’m happy for my blog and readers and all your support. We must move onward! Rant about it, then take a step forward! BTW, Happy Lunar Year…it’s the year of the rabbit. Perhaps today is the day to start afresh…hop along folks…

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