Christmas Journaling Cards – Free Download

Let’s get into the holiday mood with these free Christmas journaling cards. A classic, festive design for memory keeping and paper crafts!

Free Printable Christmas Journaling Cards on

If you haven’t already been hypnotized into the holiday spirit, why not start with these holiday journaling cards? They are perfect for scrapbooking, project life albums, art journals and any kind of paper project.

You can download these cards as a printable PDF instantly and use in your papercrafting to get into the holiday spirit. The design is printer-friendly on a white background, so it doesn’t such up all your printer ink.

I love the classic Christmas motifs that still look fresh and modern with bright colors. Whether you are saving holiday memories and snapping loads of photos, or just want to write down some heartfelt memories. Either way, these journaling cards are a great scrapbooking embellishment. Don’t forget to journal your thoughts and those tidbits that really make your heart flutter when you look back on the holiday.

Download Christmas JournalingCards PDF

I hope you enjoy my free printable Christmas journaling cards and please feel free to share the love with all of your paper crafting friends by linking to this post!

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Home Sweet Home Journaling Cards Printable

Here’s a set of home sweet home themed journaling cards printable. Perfect for project life, planner memory keeping and all kinds of scrapbooking.

Here's a set of home sweet home themed journaling cards printable. Perfect for project life, planner memory keeping and all kinds of scrapbooking.

Nothing like home sweet home to conjure up feelings of warmth, comfort and goodness! I decided to create a set of journaling cards with the home sweet home theme.

I love this bright color palette and illustrated the happy home and cute trailer, thinking of the many adventures a family can embark upon together. Definitely check out these free printables to add to your journaling card stash!

Journaling cards are great for the project life scrapbooking system, but really they can be used throughout all kinds of papercrafting.

You can use a card as a base for a new handmade card. Or you can use them in your planners for decoration and notes. Of course, there’s also the traditional scrapbooking pages, where you will journal on these card designs.

However, I find myself using these more often to include an ephemera cluster or a little note in my art journaling. It’s just nice to have a ready-made design to work off of.

I love printables and happy to share my artwork and designs with you. Let’s spread the crafty happiness together.  Enjoy these home sweet home themed journaling cards printable.

Just download your preferred paper size below.

home sweet home journaling cards

Download Home Sweet Home Journaling A4 PDF
Download Home Sweet Home Journaling LETTER PDF

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Free Printable A Lovely Day Journaling Card Set

free printable a lovely day journaling cards

I’ve been a memory keeper for years and have created quite a few digital scrapbooking designs.  I thought it would be nice to share some of these digital goodies with you, since they are great printables and can be used for many different kinds of projects, not just scrapbooking.

If you like pretty paper, you’ll be sure to enjoy these printables and journaling cards are super versatile in general. You can use them in art journaling, for notes, gifts and making any kind of paper project. For snail mailers, you can print out designs to use as notecards to write and send or even include with gifts as a gift tag for decoration. For paper crafters, art journalers and planner girls – designed cards make for great decoration, embellishment and generally as a pretty paper supply item for creative fun. There are really a lot of uses possible when it comes to a pretty printable design… where will your creativity take it?

A lovely day is a set of journaling cards with a mix of 4×6″ and 3×4″ card sizes. You can print the whole lot out using the high resolution PDF files I’ve provided.

Just download your preferred paper size below and enjoy!

a lovely day journaling

A Lovely Day Journaling A4

A Lovely Day Journaling LETTER

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Free Printable – Vintage Journal Cards

Looking for some free printable vintage papers and cards? Check out this freebie design for your cardmaking and papercrafting projects.

Looking for some free printable vintage papers and cards? Check out this freebie design for your cardmaking and papercrafting projects.

I’m all for color and cute designs, but there’s definitely a special place in my heart for shabby papers, aged ephemera and the oh-so-warm earthy colors of anything vintage.

I think it’s pretty amazing that we can scan real-world items into the computer, so that we can manipulate them, remix and ultimately create lots of neo-vintage inspired designs. Yeah, I think I just made up that term neo-vintage.

I realize these new designs do not hold the true stories of real-life ephemera, but I still enjoy the design process of mixing and matching and being able to share the end result with you.

I created these set of 10 vintage journal cards and wanted to share with a little bit of the old world. You can download the files below and print them out for your own paper collaging and decor. They are designed to be 4×6″ cards, but you can easily print at a smaller percentage for your traveler’s notebooks and art journals.

Free Printable Vintage Journal Cards

Download Vintage Journal Cards ZIP

I really love including little hints of the vintage look in my art journals and sketchbooks. I feel that the earthy paper tone somehow grounds everything onto the page. Don’t you love it? I hope you enjoy these printables and feel free to tell all your vintage paper loving friends.

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