Junk Journal Flip Through | #junkjournaljanuary

I joined in on the challenge hosted by miavibes and megjournals on Instagram called #junkjournaljanuary and here is my junk journal flip through.

Junk Journal Flip Through | #junkjournaljanuary - video on tortagialla.com

If you don’t already know, junk journaling is a form of art journaling that involves “junk” or found papers. Basically, anything you have around the house, in order to reuse the junk you have and upcycle it into art. There are many variations and everyone sort of does their own thing. From vintage papers, to modern day junk mail or patterned papers that aren’t really “junk” to begin with.

It’s really all up to you – but the idea is to not be too precious about journaling. Rather, to simply create and do something creative. After finishing up my junk journal, I decided to share a flip through to show all the pages I’ve created, however simple they may be.

I really encourage you to get creative and try out junk journaling if you want something without pressure. It’s an easy way to get creative every day and you don’t have to create in chronological order or necessarily paint. I find it to be more collage based… but that’s just me. I mostly spent a few minutes each day, very doable for all. Here are the pages I created for the month in my junk journal flip through…

If you want to see how I made this junk journal, check out my video of the process here https://youtu.be/B9_ilVTRSUo 

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Make a Junk Journal

Here’s a peek into my process of how to make a junk journal, specifically for #junkjournaljanuary this time around. It’s super easy to do!

Make a Junk Journal - video of process by tortagialla.com

This year, I decided to join in with the Instagram challenge #junkjournaljanuary and made this quick journal for this particular challenge. I’ve used a mix of papers from my stash, magazine pages from Flow Magazine and the cover is an old handmade pocket journal from the past.  Check out my process and thoughts in the video below.

If you don’t already know about junk journals, I highly suggest you try it out! It’s an easy and fun way to get creative, but without all the pressure of art journaling that often has drawing or painting associated with it. Technically, you can do anything in your junk journal, but at it’s simplest, you can just collage and mix and match papers and vintage items for a very cool look.

I’m just getting into junk journals lately because I’m short on time and find it super easy and satisfying to create in a junk journal. I’m excited to perhaps create more printables around this style… and if you are looking for the vintage style, check out my free vintage paper printable here and these vintage journaling cards here. They can help to give you a head start in your junk journal creations.

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