The latest issue of Pensieri Issue 9 is all about the art of paper-mache. I titled this issue The Magic of Paper and Glue and share my adventures and experimentations. It was a really fun process, even though glue and paper got everywhere. I discovered some interesting possibilities in using this medium (so affordable and accessible to all). It’s not just about Halloween masks.

I created a variety of items using paper-mache and glad to have this technique up my sleeve. It’s another tool in my toolbox, when it comes to crafting and having fun.

Of course, this issue took a while to complete. I couldn’t keep up with my schedule of publishing with everything else going on in my life. The weird thing is… I really love writing and sharing through my zine. I’ve blogged about my zine quite a few times and it’s actually something that sells in my Etsy shop. But it was becoming such a pressure and moving away from the original intent. Pensieri is simply published documentations of my art and crafty experimentations. All different subjects, at different times of my life. I can’t put a schedule on my creative playtime, so I will stop publishing Pensieri on a schedule. It’ll happen when it happens… if it happens.

I want to thank ALL the people who have bought issues of Pensieri. I hope to have inspired you… I hope that I shared interesting information to spur your creativity onward. I also hope to sell out the current issues I already have available. After that, I might consider making it a digital product… maybe…

So grab a paper copy of Pensieri while you can. Until my next adventure in print… enjoy!

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