Another busy day, but I was determined to follow through with LOAD and create a scrapbook page. I wasn’t feeling into the daily prompt, so went to my stack of photos that I want to include in my albums. It was another case of wanting to include something, but not really having much to journal about.

Maybe I’m not thinking properly and just feeling tired, but sometimes I want to add the photos into my album in a pretty, happy way without reflecting on much else. It made me think about the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast episode┬áthat mentioned perhaps, not everything is an epic story. I believe in creating meaningful scrapbook pages, but the balance of visual versus written records…not always even I suppose. I really enjoyed playing around to create the title (digitally printed and cut, folded into a banner). Not to mention all the bits and pieces to create the central embellishment for this page.

That’s it… nothing much else. There’s the date and some notes about celebrating at home and at a restaurant on the edges of the photos, very minimalist journaling.

Sometimes I wonder if I will regret not writing more, but at the same time, I don’t think it can be forced.

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