After this week of a filled work schedule and trying to organize, create and soak up inspiration at the same time I’ve come to a simple realization.  You make time for the things that are important to you. It’s difficult if you have to juggle many different responsibilities and passions, but that’s just how it is and there is finite time to spread around. So although I love that my blog readers stop by to get a dose of inspiration and share some of their precious time with me, I say let’s get off the internet and get to it! Enough with checking email, surfing the web and all that jazz – you have to limit that online time.  I certainly know the joys of connecting with folks digitally because I live in a remote area, but we have to tell ourselves to go hands on and just create – do it! Start that art project or finish that half-started project.  I’m off to paint now…laters and happy friday to you! 🙂

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