As Marie Forleo says, “we must CREATE before we CONSUME,” but I’m so glad to have  a community around me to help spur my creativity into action. Sometimes you need to see creation around you to get pushed into doing something. As an introvert, I live in my head a bit too much.


I think creative types like me are always brewing with too many ideas. My mind is a crazy melting pot of project ideas, but I always find it difficult to take the next step of action. There’s so much going on in life and whatever our situations, I think we are all busy!


Thank goodness for Lilla’s bootcamp because I can at least get some creative sketching time in, through the sheer sense of obligation of being in the course with others. There’s an opportunity to explore something different, to share with others and to make a finished piece to submit.



It might seem odd that we need such guidelines to get to the end product, but I think we should always make things as easy as possible for ourselves. Whatever works to get you creating, right?



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