These days I’ve been busy trying to organize my space, getting Spring cleaning done one step at a time. I’ve also managed to be quite productive on a few projects along the way. I admit that many are actually old projects I’ve found through the cleaning process! I can be a bit kiddy-hyperactive at times, jumping from one thing to another in a flash. Sometimes it’s just testing an idea, not really a full fledged project – like this watercolor test I did.


It started with a notion on variations of watercolor, pencil sketching and outlining. There are other combinations I might try as well to see what I like. However, many times I can’t really decide one way over another. Probably because I’m not very consistent anyway…doing something more than once doesn’t necessarily mean consistent results in the end. I started looking at my projects in progress and wondering if I have any consistency at all.  What are the signature “Linda” elements that make my work, my work? From mixed media acrylic paintings to all digital illustrations to traditional drawing and even designing and carving stamps…






I suppose I’m still experimenting and I do understand not everything you do has to be the same style.  However, I’ve always been like this, dabbling in many mediums and styles. Is there a cohesive thread in it all – besides me? I was thinking perhaps someone else’s point of view might shed some light.  In design we often do branding exercises and ask others to describe in a few adjectives what they feel about a company or a person. How would you describe my work? Any keywords or adjectives come to mind? I’ve been blogging here since July 2009, but I also have my Flickr photos and my RedBubble.

The reason I’ve been thinking more about this style definition is because I want to be able to say what I do in a sentence – that is specific as well. It’s the infamous description of what you do in a few words. I hope you can help out with whatever it is you think, pretty please? Grazie in advance and have a lovely day! 🙂

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