I did some practicing today, using some coffee illustrations I created a while back. In tinkering around… I realized that it’s not so easy to create a random pattern. I can obviously see where the repeats are… and that must mean it’s not well balanced.

As always I’m completely wrong about things, because I thought it would be difficult to figure out the formula of repeats…but it’s the planned chaos that is much more advanced – I think anyway. The more I think about the more mind boggled I get actually. I started looking at fabric designs to see if I could figure out what was going on…proves definitely to be challenged.

I’ve also noticed that online classes teaching surface pattern design have popped up! There was one at Pikaland and one at Do What You Love. Not to mention the various blog posts about how to create a repeat pattern. All this exploring does make me want to go to university for this – to get the full foundation! However, I’ve also noticed that there are many books (affiliate link to Amazon.com) and Tara Reed also has a ebook Artists! Learn to create repeat patterns in Photoshop™ (affiliate link). I haven’t looked into it yet and not sure what is covers exactly. My problem is knowing a little bit, but probably not everything…so my knowledge is spotty and frustrating.

I also tried to fill up the pattern more… perhaps makes it look more chaotic… but you can obviously see the repeat. Maybe it’s experimenting with the scale and color of things, balance… or perhaps the repeat swatch is really big for certain surfaces… hmm… not sure and still just playing around for now. I’ve bought a few books, so I really need to dig in and learn – as well as just playing around!

Hope you are having fun creating patterns – until next time…

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