Even if you don’t recognize the name Mary Engelbreit, you would probably instantly recognize her work upon seeing it. She has been in the art industry for a long time and her work is all over. I have loved her illustrations since childhood, ever since receiving one of her lovely illustrated greeting cards. Her work is not only cute and sweet looking, but also always carries a great message.  Wise words of wisdom or a life lesson type of saying and subject. I’ve always been inspired and in awe of every little thing that was Mary Engelbreit. She started out like most artists – a child who just loved to draw. Now she is a famous and successful illustrator with her artwork in books, calendars, greeting cards, home accents and much more. People refer to her as a trailblazer and pioneer in art licensing, an industry in which I am excited about and working towards joining.





All artwork copyright Mary Engelbreit

I hope her work can inspire you as it always does me…her artwork is especially happy inducing this gloomy Monday. By the way, if you would like to ask Mary a question regarding art licensing you can submit one here for a teleseminar happening March 17th.

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