For creatives I think a lot of the discussion centers around the fear of starting. Staring at the blank page, the blank canvas…etc. However, I listened to the Accidental Creative Podcast #56 where Seth Godin talks about when it is time to give up and quit. It was very enlightening to understand the difference between a dip in your journey versus a dead end, where you continue to hit your head against the wall. I started thinking about that fear of giving up and how I fall into that trap quite often as well.

I was taught growing up to not give up so easily, to not give in and be a loser, so to speak. You don’t want to be defeated, to feel like a failure. Quitting has that negative connotation and so we fear officially quitting something for those reasons. Even if technically, we probably have quit in the sense that there are only 24 hours in a day and if there’s something not working, you are bound to push it to the end of your task list and not work much on it anyway. Or work on it is is drudgery and your progress is limited. But either way, if you don’t proclaim that you have quit and be done with it, it’s going to take focus away from your mind…occupy space in your subconscious, no matter what.

That said, I have to learn a bit better myself…that giving up doesn’t mean I’m stupid or a failure. Really, I just need to stop doing things that aren’t working and focus my attention on the things I do need to get through. It makes so much sense, yet at the same time, I didn’t realize it really. What do you need to give up on these days?

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