Lately I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation and forging into new territories…designing, illustrating and crafting even when I’m not sure if it’ll turn out nicely or not. In the past I always go forward only when I’m sure of some level of success, because the fear of failure and inadequacy stops me in my tracks.  This week, I shared my first digital kit even though I barely know anything about designing for the scrapbooking community.  It was a big step for me and hopefully I’ll muster up more courage to share more in the coming week.  I am purposefully pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying really hard to pursue even my seemingly crazy ideas, accepting whatever imperfections that may come along with it, even complete failure. This is the beginning of my journey of accepting myself for who I am, that it’s okay not to be perfect (even if it’s a Virgo trait) and to really embrace who I am and radiate all the good stuff (it’s so easy to dwell on what you can’t do versus what you can).

My thoughts go hand in hand with the read along of Brené Brown’s book I Thought It Was Just Me.  I am working to explore my own fears and realize that imperfection is authenticity…all the good stuff you can read in Brené’s book and blog – check out her website Ordinary Courage for more information.  I’ve always felt a bit of hesitation in sharing work in progress and itty bitty ideas that I’m not sure of yet.  As I titled this post, I am realizing the quest for perfection is futile. Trying to present only one side of myself is not authentic and honestly not sharing all my work probably cuts off a lot of creativity I think.  There will always be something better or more to do in any project, which makes the world so much more wonderful really.  You never want to reach a spot where there’s no space to learn and grow – that would be so sad!  So it’s really a bit scary now and I’m feeling vulnerable at times.  However, I am determined to keep my friends and family close and keep moving forward on this exploration of self.  I’m so happy to have the read along community as well, makes me feel less alone and more connected.

I hope you will consider joining in with this opportunity for self-discovery or even just check out some of the fabulous encouraging downloads on Brené’s website…Happy Friday to you!

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