Some of you might already know of Tam from She is a magnificent, wonderful, whimsy cool and inspiring lady who teaches various mixed media workshops through her Ning site. You’ll find her so uplifting and inspiring for your creative ventures, just take a look at her Youtube videos. A while back she opened up a new e-course and had a giveaway. Of course, not everyone could win and many people were quite depressed and sad, given their lack of funds to be able to purchase and participate in the courses Tam offers. She being the kind person that she is, was touched and inspired herself to offer a FREE self healing through art course. Yup, anyone can join up and we can help each other through hard times or low times. Totally wonderful, right?

Find out all the details and what’s included in the 4-week class and do join us. It’s going to be a wonderful healing journey together and more than anything – great fun as well. I’m so thankful for people out there who are willing to share their knowledge and put in their time and attention to simply help others. There is hope in this world after all 🙂 Happy Monday to you all. ciao ciao

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