Here’s a set of printable letterwriting stationery I designed in honor of The Letter Exchange. I was delighted to learn that there is a magazine just for letter writers and pen pal enthusiasts! I’m happy to be mentioned in the latest issue of The Letter Exchange magazine and a BIG welcome if you are a subscriber visiting my blog for the first time.

I decided to create printable stationery using the envelope motif, so you can use the stationery for all occasions. There’s also a rainbow of colors to choose from, so just download the color and paper format you prefer. Or download them all to keep in your digital stationery library! The PDF includes an envelope template and coordinating stationery in both lined and blank versions.

The Letter Exchange Printable Stationery Set

the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-black-letter | the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-black-a4

the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-sun-letter | the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-sun-a4

the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-sky-letter | the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-sky-a4

the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-sepia-letter | the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-sepia-a4

the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-rose-letter | the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-rose-a4

the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-lime-letter | the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-lime-a4

the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-lavender-letter | the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-lavender-a4

the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-coral-letter | the-letter-exchange-stationery-set-coral-a4

I hope you will find this printable stationery set useful for your letterwriting and everyday correspondence. Please feel free to share a link to this post with your snail mail friends! Remember also that my free downloads are for personal use only. Please do not re-distribute or sell without written consent!

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Free Printables on - The Letter Exchange Stationery Set in a variety of colors - PDF download