The stereotype of brooding, tormented artist rings true some of the time. Don’t you think so?

Creative people are trying to express themselves, say something to the world through their form of Art. But we all know it’s easier said than actually done. Thus begins the struggle for the Artist.

I certainly feel as if it’s a war at times. Struggling to get all those thoughts, moments, realizations, images, flashes, sparkles, moments, sounds, feelings…out of my head… in a way that actually speaks to others. It’s not easy to do and I often wonder if it is possible. If it’s a futile struggle to be understood.

The creative process can certainly seem like torture. Trying to get it all out of your system – releasing it – but only drips and drops at times. Or splashes, waves and a huge mess other times. Often it’s all “wrong” – it’s not what you had in mind.

We can be haunted by our own ideas and thoughts. Maybe that is the definition of Artist. Maybe not for all, but for many. Maybe this is just life.

There are those who figure out a way to “speak” their feelings, while others may never find their way. It does seem sad. But striving for that enlightenment, that magic, that balance – how wonderful it would be. That is Inspiration perhaps, the possibility of getting to that point in life!

I know that attempts are not always successful and it’s all part of the journey. It sucks to fail and hurts to feel misunderstood all the same. That applies for all things in life. But still, it’s always worth the attempt in the end. What else would we be doing?

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