Wow, I am always so thankful for all the wonderful people out there who devote their own time to spreading knowledge to others. I just came across this cool website and specifically the youtube page for thevirtualinstructor. It’s full of free art lessons…videos of how to use watercolor pencils or mixing paint to create skin tones and composition theory. I believe that Matt is a high school art teacher and illustrator, just sharing information with all of us! It’s so wonderful to be able to learn something new, whether fundamentals or not…it’s always helpful to review for any creative person. Either way, it’s just fun to learn!

I find his way of explanation very easy to understand and follow. Not only is this helpful for adults who want to learn a bit about art…it would be great for homeschoolers as well – he offers free lesson plans. There’s a lot more material on the website than on the youtube channel, so definitely check it out and follow the blog. I guess other art teachers can use the info too… very cool. Hope you learn something new and get inspired this lovely Monday!