I was compelled to scrap this event…and my thoughts…

You can click to see the full layout, but here is the text I wrote:

I woke up to hear about the passing of Steve Jobs. I was never an Apple fanatic. But it makes me sad that his life ended… at 56 years old. I feel the injustice. The why? runs in my mind. I feel as if this year, I am really feeling the burden of being an adult – of having to face the reality of death all around us – we lost close ones in our family and the image of the grim reaper seems to be lingering in the back of my mind all the time. When I was younger, it didn’t have this affect…I didn’t feel this way. Perhaps I am more aware. That people leave us. That it’s not fair. And ultimately we are powerless in the end. It makes me afraid. I don’t know how to deal with it and I wonder, how will I ever help my kids deal with accepting the loss of others around them… It really pains me. I can only think… that no matter what… it really means that we MUST do our best to enjoy, relish and experience in our lives. Life as we know it, is limited by time. The clock is ticking. Although I can’t make sense or come to terms with death.. it can only motivate me to DO more while I have control over my time here … that is the only positive and motivation I can draw. Perhaps that is what I can say to my kids in the future… don’t worry about understanding everything. LIVE to your fullest.

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