Last week I was listening to Jamie Ridler’s podcast, an interview Jamie Margot Berwin, who is a writer. At one point she talks about writers specifically, but I think it applies for everyone, that we need alone time in order to process all the input we’ve taken in – in order to find our own voice. I started to think more on that idea and how it’s the same for artists and any creative person really…when it comes to finding your own voice. You certainly have to go out and experience life, soak in lots of different things to have some raw material to work with. However, you invariably end up going through a self-exploratory phase, alone, hermitesque time in order to process. You need the isolation to work through your thoughts and come out of it all having grown a bit perhaps…aged in a good way. Like you take in all the influences around you and work it into yourself to come out having experienced real change – metamorphosis.

It’s certainly easy to be directly influenced, especially now that there are so many accesible blogs and social media outlets where people share their work and ideas. There is this collective consciouness, where we all seem to be trending similarly in our work, exploring similar ideas and themes. It’s inevitable if you are in the marketplace and obviously living in this world within a society! But I have to say those that take time for themselves and perhaps go into solitude for a while, are the ones that come up with completely new and unique ideas and works. Is it a necessary phase of the process perhaps?

I titled this post about being “anti-social” because I think that I can be classified into that category at times. I just don’t care to go out or meet people or hang out at times, because I’m too busy wading through my own thoughts, my own fantasy world, trying to figure things out. My husband becomes worried at times, because I can seriously stay indoors for days…not interacting with anyone besides those here at home. Is that bad? Am I bad anti-social…or maybe I just need that alone time to process, like all creative artists? I certainly can go partying and love to travel and see new things – I’m sure my friends can attest to that. Nevertheless, I swing like a pendulum from one end to the other, social one day, anti-social another. Okay, maybe it’s just mood swings?! Or maybe that’s my way of balancing, learning, growing…

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