Another week and I’m still struggling to get back into the swing of things. I think one of the issues I have is wanting to do too much. Everyone knows the statement of spreading yourself too thin and my caffeine crazed excitement for all things creative really does pull me in too many directions. I’ve been trying to cut myself out of certain groups and releasing myself from obligations, but it’s really hard to do. I keep trying to plan my schedule on a weekly basis, but continue to crumple up my planner pages in desperation. I was a project manager in a prior life, so scheduling is nothing new. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to schedule your own personal life and even more important, the whole reason I’m not a project manager anymore is because I didn’t like the regimented scheduling. It’s totally anal to try and account for all the seconds in a day. Even a more relaxed kind of project management system doesn’t really allow for the curveballs in real life. Living in Italy, I’ve learned to take it easy and enjoy the slow life. Even more, I cherish all those surprise and unplanned moments of the day with my family… you can’t schedule that!

As I crumpled up another failed planning of my week paper, even one that was bullet-pointed and vague, I realized I had to turn the tables. Sudden EUREKA! I don’t need to figure this out today! I probably never will even if I bang my head against the wall anyway. Let me just take it slow, day by day and see what kind of schedule naturally forms. Like reverse budgeting, because there’s only so many hours in a day. Instead of writing out ALL the things I need or want to do and trying to fit them into slots of the week, I’m just going to make a semi-priority list. Then I can just go through my days and see what I can get done as a weekly routine or daily routine. Adding one thing at a time, so my schedule slowly builds. It seems a lot less intimidating this way. For example, besides work and meeting those particular deadlines, my first daily routine will be to blog every day right here on That’s my first big thing, because it keeps me thinking, creating and sharing! I will be blogging each weekday on the following subjects:

  • Mondays – inspiration, resources and links
  • Tuesdays – let’s make something tutorial
  • Wednesdays – freebie download
  • Thursdays – creative workspace photos
  • Fridays – thoughts as we go into the weekend

I suppose the only interruptions would be for super special series that I’ll release successively together 🙂 That’s the “plan” anyway. Whew! I feel so much better after writing this post and sharing my thoughts. I hope you’ll be looking forward to my daily postings and can take something away from my build-a-schedule idea. We can always slow down a bit in our lives and schedules…enjoy the surprises and unplanned moments in your life! Ciao ciao and have a great weekend!

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