I woke up this morning and didn’t really much different from any other morning this week. Maybe a little tired, from accidentally falling asleep with all the lights on and a book in hand…woken up late night by my husband to actually go to bed! Then this morning woken up by relatives talking about my birthday right outside our house. People sure wake up early…but I’m not one of those people 😛 It’s just another day, another year to mark off in my life, even if it’s a milestone of 3 decades. I suppose my thoughts on getting older… center around how it’s really not a big deal, but others make it feel like something big. I suppose it’s just an convenient point in life to reflect on past achievements and then future goals. A nice whole and even number to…eh. I guess even for me, the event did make me start my A-Z minibook finally! An all about me scrapbook that I’ve been working on, typing away my little story entries.

As you can see, my desk is a mess and I can’t seem to only do one thing at a time. Typing, editing, doodling and admiring my Mi Casa stack of paper from DCWV. So pretty, I’m going to use that in my hybrid minibook definitely! Of course, it is my birthday today, so a few errands with my husband and we are off to enjoy ourselves. No work today! I get to visit a new art store and see what goodies they have, fine dining later and a weekend road trip to visit The Tarot Garden and the Bomarzo Park of Monsters. We’ll be driving along the coast and stopping in little Italian towns and I’m so excited to explore everything with my dear hubby. So ciao ciao to everyone and have a great weekend yourself! I’ll have to report back next week, when this “milestone” is past and it’s back to the normal routine.

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