I had my hair cut today, so I guess the big change is giving me the fritz.  I’m jumping from one project to another, a giant creative mess all over the room.  However, a mess exists only when work is being done, right?  Or perhaps just a lot of distraction and play, tee hee!   I am nearly done with these collage muses I started this week, little mixed media pieces – see the embroidered hearts?


I’m also experimenting with a new craft toy – a Kumihimo braiding disk.  I was so excited to receive it in the mail yesterday, except all the instructions are in German…eek!


I also cut into my beautiful orange leather – finally!  Now if I could only put it together…


Last but not least…working on illustrations that will eventually be paintings.  I can never draw the same thing twice without it morphing into something different.  I’m consistent at being inconsistent I suppose, perhaps I can call it originality?  Well, let me try and finish some of these projects now…have a fabulous Thursday and as always I appreciate you stopping by.


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