Last week I skipped my weekly take action task as there were some family events that took over my time. So today I’m playing catch up on a variety of items. First off, I need to tidy things up in my new studio space…


As you can see, my space is doubling as drying clothes space – yikes! Not the most pretty or inspiring, so I really need to clear things out and clean up. I require a clean space to really get cracking and working efficiently. Although I’ve learned to at least put like items in the same place, over time it still becomes a messy pile. Time to sort and organize!


I think it’s important to actually plan in buffer time for your projects and generally – for every day life! Catch up days, extra buffer time here and there. We all need to catch up once in a while, right? Do you include catch up time in your actual calendar scheduling? Something to consider!

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