The opening of our art show last night was just lovely and it was wonderful to connect with old friends as well as meet new people. Besides all the great work in the gallery and excitement of sharing our work… I think the most touching part was during Gnocchi Artyst‘s performance piece – really a collaboration with all of us.

The symbology of ringing our bells with some whimsy and fun… but also her heartfelt words afterwards. She was speaking to us, about us, for us. It was beautiful and touching. I was certainly reminded of the importance in community… being together in Art. It’s not just about me, me, me… my work this and that. The interaction and responses are so important.

I’m honored to be a part of our little SACI group of grads and felt even more honored to have my work up along side everyone elses’. My Lessons From Mother Goose print series are just the beginning of a new stage for me… I feel that anyway. Suddenly, I feel so much more energized and filled with possibly. Each of us are definitely taking away a little bit of magic with us… just like 10 years ago. Pretty darn cool.

 BTW, I’ve posted the girl prints onto Society6, so you can grab yourself a print. I’m going to be framing a large version of Old Mother Goose for myself… quite proud of the look I’ve been able to achieve with these works. Another step forward in my journey.

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