I’m so thankful for the great community out there because the lovely BobbiLewin has featured me in a treasury!  It’s pretty cool that Etsy enables folks to curate a mini show, although I’ve seriously never been able to catch a time when treasury creation is open…it’s like Ebay auctioning, you have to wait and strike fast!  I happened upon this feature, I wonder how sellers can be automatically notified if there in a treasury?  I always want to thank the creators after all!


In other news, I am feeling a lot better now and trying to get back into the swing of things with more energy.  I continued onward with my series of graphic art prints and also starting to work on binding a journal with some printed words. It’s an artsy baby journal for a friend who is expecting. If you haven’t noticed already, I jump from project to project, letting my energy and excitement drive me forward.  We must follow our muse and be ready whenever, right?


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