I’ve been busy finalizing The Creative Entrepreneur Toolkit and very much appreciating feedback from my email subscribers and fellow clubhousers – thank you!


In the midst of it all though, I had to doodle up a little drawing for fun, because it’s sooooo cold here in Italy. The temperature dropped dramatically this week and I’ve been hesitant to even go out because of all the icey slippery spots outside. That’s what you get for living in a small town where roads aren’t necessarily cleaned up nicely and so many spots seem hazardous! It’s definitely been a challenge, especially with my 7 month baby bump 😛


However, there’s no sense in complaining about the situation. When you have no control over the weather, what’s the point in being grumpy, right? So I immediately thought of turning cold to cozy... so much better, right? Cold weather means hot chocolate, chestnuts roasting, snuggling in bed with my furbaby Westie and hubby. I suppose cold isn’t so bad after all.

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