As I turned to face my messy painting station, I suddenly saw some of my work in progress in a good light. Maybe it was the beautiful golden hour of sunlight, or the angle of it all. I took a photo to capture the moment.

In that snapshot, I quite liked the progress of my little mixed media painting. It was good to me, something that I was proud of. The thing is… my perception changes. It gets warped, altered,┬árestructured… twisted here and there. Does it ever have a true form?

It got me to thinking about how we perceive things in one moment versus another. It’s a fickle thing. It seems that we should know logically that there is no absolute. We see everything through a lens of what was before and around it… everything reflects on all other things and changes our point-of-view. It’s all so subjective.

But why do we get so caught up, nevertheless. We can’t help ourselves from being swept up by the feeling at the moment. I suppose, the key is to learn how to recognize that you are seeing one way right now and there are many other ways to look at it. You’ll have fresh eyes at another moment… so you have to keep going. Twist that perception once more and see what you get. Keep exploring.

This week, I’m going to try and just go at it and see what happens. I have to stop letting my perception of things… stop me, from moving forward.

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