Hello dear readers! Yes, I am writing this post from my hospital bed totally bored and annoyed that I can’t do much. No worries as I am feeling just fine – it was a scheduled surgery I had to get done and I’m anxious to move forward and go do some messy painting to release some energy!  Since I can’t share a work in progress photo of my work this lovely Thursday, I thought I could list out my projects instead.  Even though I can’t do much physically now, my mind is active and I’ve been planning out some future art projects such as…

  • mixed media birds with hats from the ArtTrader Magazine contest, my plan is to have paper collage with watercolor on top, then acrylic on top…then drawing with pen and ink…maybe even glitter?
  • bookbinding some journals with my leather scraps for covers, I had this idea to create journals that already had ink splats in them, so no one has to face a blank page – not sure if it’s a good idea or not?!
  • need to finish my acrylic experimentations
  • want to start more messy action painting of acrylic on canvas, but with a paper collage background first
  • drawing some ATCs of squared headed people…bizarre thought just came to mind…

What are you up to in your studio or perhaps planning to start soon?  I would love to hear about your adventures in creativity…it’s so fun to share experiences because I think it pushes us forward together.  Don’t hesitate to comment below – ciao ciao!

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