My studio is buried under paper at the moment as I’ve been running print tests galore! I’m sure you can guess that my big project has something to do with stationery, huh?


Lots of printing, cutting, testing, redesigning, adjusting, more printing, cutting… whew! It’s sort of the annoying and tedious part of things, but focusing on my end goal really helps to motivate. I can’t wait to unveil everything and hear what you have to say!


In my design process, there’s a lot of curation going on because not everything makes the cut. Often I have to go back to the drawing board… but it’s fun to see the iterations and know that I’ve put in my best effort to end up with designs I really love.



It’s all going to launch in April because it has a whole lot to do with National Card and Letter Writing Month! Are you ready for it? If you want to be the first to know, make sure to sign up for my newsletter. And if you haven’t already, join in on the and get ready  to snail mail to your heart’s content this April.

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