Lately I’ve been super busy and creatively buzzing because of all the projects I have going on. It’s sort of exhausting, scary and amazingly wonderful at the same time. Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions.


I’ve actually been tidying up my space as we’ve changed things up in my household and realizing I need to make use of the stuff I already have or it needs to go. I’ve been on the road to minimizing my possessions and it’s definitely difficult especially for us creatives who have so many supplies and interests!


I decided to join a copic coloring challenge this month and posting on Instagram to evaluate if I’m going to keep them or not. They are expensive, but often just sit in the corner of my studio. I’ve sort of combined a doodle a day and coloring it with copics to keep up the creative practice.


On the digital side of things, I’ve been experimenting with my style and trying to loosen up my sketches. I posted about my sketch to print process and really on a kick regarding this process. With all the print on demand options today, it’sĀ amazing how quickly we can take an idea and put it out there in the world these days.


I know it’s not really that big of a deal, but I definitely felt really proud of myself in the end. Seeing my work on product mockup’s just made me happy and giddy. I’m easily pleased, huh?


LTieu products

Finally, I have a mega secret project that has been in the works forever! It was a little seed of an idea, but once I started working on it, I just couldn’t stop fantasizing about how great it will be. Obviously, we can’t have expectations as we will never know how things will turn out, but I’m excited and it feels right… so I MUST GO FOR IT!


I can’t wait to share more with you all, very soon!


Signs of Spring are popping up here in Italy and it’s definitely helping me to get out as well as work more productively indoors. It’s funny how the weather can affect our mood and productivity so much!