Hi folks!  Today is the last day to enter my journal sketchbook giveaway, so just wanted to post this reminder. Just leave a comment on that post and tomorrow I will be closing comments and randomly choosing winners to announce.  Good luck to all!


I wanted to share a little crazy little photo I took, during the night on a long roadtrip when I amuse myself with the camera.  I was reminded of this photo because I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday and I’m a bit behind on everything again.  It just seems as if life is whizzing by me at times, so many things for me to do and I’m missing out and not picking up the ball, so to speak. I really don’t like the feeling of constant anxiety from to do’s both for work and personal creative projects. I guess it doesn’t help that I usually take on too much and like to be ahead.  There’s an obvious motivation clash also between regular work and personal creative work.  Although I do enjoy both, it’s still a different experience altogether – I’m sure many of you can relate!

Also, working from home causes many others to think I must have all the time in the world. When in fact, it creates a somewhat more hectic life, as I tend to work at odd hours if needed.  I suppose that might always apply in the technical field, but I dislike it when odd hours cause a disruption with family time. I don’t want to have to work when they are finally home from work and want to spend time with me. Erf…just gotta tough it out and be more disciplined with work hours and studio hours. I’m excited for so many things, I think I might burst at the seams soon…

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