I’ve been thinking about fear and how sometimes it seems as if we fear… fear itself. Fear is automatically considered a negative feeling and we are constantly trying to not be fearful, to overcome it, to conquer it.


No matter how much we try, it’s impossible to eliminate fear from our range of emotions and feelings. I started to realize that fear is just another signal. We need to acknowledge our fears, just like any other feeling we have. That feeling is a red flag popping up. Perhaps, you need to understand it more fully and consider how to properly react?

You often hear the advice of trusting your gut. Well, fear is one of those gut feelings, isn’t it? If you feel the fear, then your body is obviously trying to tell you something. The trick is to know yourself well enough to be able to understand your fears.

So I’m trying to dissect my fearful feelings these days. Not to dismiss them or drown them with lots of chocolate and ice cream. I ask myself why I’m feeling this way?

Digging deep, I think we can find the root of why our feelings bubble up. I have meet and greet my fears. How can it give me more knowledge? How can I use it to my advantage?


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