Happy Friday everyone! The end of the week is when I always post a thought discussion that is swirling in my mind.  It helps me sort of unload the week that has passed, so I can go into the weekend a bit lighter.

So, I’ve posted a few times mentioning my Spring cleaning or more like Spring discovering and organizing attempts. In theme with cleaning and organizing is destashing your crafty goods. I’ve been taking a scrapbooking class with Shimelle that is specifically about using your stash and also just read a lovely post on Craft Leftovers declaring April as the month to bust your stash. With the big trend in green art , recycling and upcycling projects out there…it all really converges for me at this point in time. I’m happy that it’s an important topic and more a way of living for everyone these days, even though I still remember more than 15 years back when I first joined the environmental club in school to promote the same ideas. I believe the concepts are good ways to live by always and in a way it’s a bit of a flashback to the past.

Back in the old days, folks made do with what they had, found ingenious ways to save, reuse and not waste. Although it’s great the standard of living has gone up for many folks today, it doesn’t mean we have to waste! It was definitely a wake-up call just moving from America to Italy, because the standards are completely different. Recycling is mandatory and quite frankly normal here. Everyone separates their trash, for example. I started thinking about how much better the world would be if we could combine all the good things from all over the world into one…

So my thoughts have been swirling around destashing and changing my point of view to use what I have around me to inspire creation, rather than thinking of a project and having to buy stuff to create it.  Especially when we have tight budgets and can’t really afford to get the greatest latest stuff out there. Although I love to get innovative tools and products to experiment with, there has to be a limit and control to it all – I’m really cracking down on my budgeting. I think we would also be creatively challenged to use what we have around us…sort of a good problem solving exercise.

For example, I came across my postcard collection. I have no idea why, but in traveling a lot you tend to end up with a lot of random postcards, some you really like and some you forget why you bought in the first place. I really have to think of something to do with them and not just sending them out literally. I found a bunch that show portraits in 3/4 view and I immediately thought of SuziBlu’s art classes and how I can use these as guides to teach myself a thing or too. Maybe I can use them in collage or maybe give them away to someone who can use them.  What’s the point of having them collect dust in a box under my bed, right?

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