Today for LOAD I actually created a double page layout. There were so many photos to choose from, but I had to edit it down. It’s about Vash and his grooming experience and modeling adventure… yes, we are one of those crazy for our pets kind of people. He’s our baby.

I always find it challenging to create 2-page layouts. For some reason, the center line just throws me off. I don’t like having things cut off, so it’s like 2 separate canvases for me. I guess I’m just hard headed in that way. I suppose I can do what I want… darnit! Still using lots of bits and pieces – clusters, banners, and stickers – all the things I love.

My favorite part is probably the paw stamps along the bottom of the two pages. I made the stamp myself and love that it’s sort of wonky… homemade goodness.

When it comes to embellishing my pages, I’ve definitely had to let go of pure meaning. Not every little thing has to carry giant significance. Sometimes it is about aesthetics, sometimes just because… I feel like it. Why do I need to justify it all, right? I had previously been really hung up by that stuff.

Through this experience of marathoning scrapbooking, I’ve definitely learned to let go and have more fun in the process of memory keeping. I think that I’ve learned more about what I like and dislike as well. I don’t know if it’s closing myself into a bubble, or just finding my groove… we’ll see.

Journaling reads:

We never thought that our little boy would be in a fashion show. Goes to show that life never unravels itself so plainly… there’s always excitement, unknown adventures and beautiful surprises. Ale’s friend Sarah, has a pet shop and so we were invited to help her out with a modeling show at a local community event. Our little guy was so adorable, modeling Snoopy attire – so proper and Westie looking! I immediately turned into one of those crazy moms, snapping photos madly… even though Vash seemed thoroughly afraid of the crowd. It didn’t take long for me to realize how freaked out he might have been… who are these people, what’s with the lights? Why me?! The catwalk will not be his regular thing… and I doubt he enjoyed the whole grooming process. Although it was lovely to see him all cleaned up for once, we also realized that we love him – crazy, messy,  furry and “ruff ruff.” He doesn’t need to be dolled up – at least not all the time 😛  Rugged but not rough… I love that distinction.

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