I hinted a bit about a surprise this month and something that has been taking up space in my thoughts and heart. And well, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. You might have seen on my Facebook already, that a new arrival will be in our household for Christmas. My super cutie pie, Vash! He’s a West Highland White Terrier puppy and we just visited him recently… only about 7 weeks old. He’s still a baby, so has to stay with his mommy until after the 2nd vaccination. So literally, we are picking him up the day before Christmas!

Maybe it’s just me, but the sight of my little white puffball just melts my heart. Love love love! So I’ve been distracted researching about puppy care and buying all sorts of books…watching Westie videos and related obsession activities. My husband is excited too, but probably not as crazy (he’s wondering how I’ll react when we are ready for kids!) Now I have this wonderful bundle of inspiration…and I just can’t wait for his arrival. Sigh…what can I blog to express the feelings… well, the pic shows it, right? Okay that’s it for the special announcement before I gush more… thanks for stopping by!

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