Although I realize that watching videos online is much like plopping onto the couch and watching TV, brain-might-zone-out, type of activity…I still think watching people in action provides great inspiration. Of course different from TV is the amount of creative shows and content available online. Even when I’m busy designing or coding on the computer, I like to play videos as my ambient background noise instead of listening to music or having the TV running. There are countless shows on ustream of people painting and drawing and there’s always good ‘ole youtube for video inspiration. Now that youtube has a playlist feature, you can just keep the videos playing with a subject like mixed media or painting for example…very cool! I like to think that in my subconscious mind, all the creative happenings somehow soaks in and inspires me one way or another. I often get a flash of inspiration and have to stop working and write it down before I forget! Here’s a few of my favorite videos to share with you.

Happy Monday and hope you get the inspiration you need to create, create, create! Have fun lovelies! 🙂

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