Sometime in the future…

A spacious room, full of light. So much sunlight and beauty all around. Windows with a view of a green garden, so alive with nature’s inspiration. Not too neat, not too messy. Just the way it should be. Fresh air from the open windows. Warmth. Cozy. Home. Studio. Life. Plenty of surface area to work on. Colorful projects. Clean and messy at the same time. Such fun. Simple things. Little things. Drawings, journals, paintings. Visual feast. Warmth. So much warmth and love… and wholeness. Splendid isolation. Close company. Peaceful times. Laughter. Chuckles. Soul food. Tea and Coffee. Aromas… rich, smooth, wonderful. Smiling people, happy people. Families. History. Generations. A good time… always an enjoyable, good time. Learning and living. A good life, a happy life. Abundance.

We are often afraid of have a concrete plan. We are often afraid to dream, for fear of not reaching that goal, ever. It’s much easier to just do “whatever” with¬†uncertainty, so you don’t have to face failure. It’s not measurable. But that is a state of being lost. In the middle. Purgatory.

I’m trying to visualize a bright future. A reflection of who I could be. Things might never turn out as planned or hoped, but usually, it turns out even better than you could have ever imagined. I’m currently working through The Right-Brain Business Plan (Amazon link) by Jennifer Lee.

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