There are so many thoughts around the phrase “home sweet home”… but I chose to scrapbook photos of when Vash joined our family and how I felt about making our own place in a home – in a family. Our presence contributes to the whole, making it the way it’s supposed to be.

I’m definitely on a digital binge these days. Since photos are on the computer to begin with, often it feels natural to print my photos, journaling and title all together on a page. Then I can add some bits and bobs for fun. This particular layout was constructed in this very manner.

I added some tags on top, along with the sewn paper border in the center.

Just little bits to add texture. Funny how the sewing on the punched out heart looks like Z from Zorro!

The journaling reads:

Little Vash joined our family on Christmas Eve 2010. It was a rainy day and an anxious drive to San Gimignano, but gloomy weather didn’t stop us from buzzing with excitement and anticipation. I remember those first days, worrying if he missed his mom and if he liked his new home with us. Vash has a timid character, but it didn’t take him long to show his Westie side as well. He was exploring, racing around our terrace and claiming his territory in no time. He was right at home… creating his own place in our house and hearts!

I thought about how the physical surroundings are only the surface of what a home can be. With family, the relationships, connections and love between all of us, is what makes up the fabric of a true home. You feel at home with that warm comfort wrapped around you.

I thought about what a big change it was for me to move to Italy from California. I was inserting myself into a new location, new culture and new language. Maybe I wasn’t even aware of how drastic of a change it was… but perhaps I unconsciously knew that the feeling of home is built up from within ourselves.

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